Effects of the combination of Er:YAG laser and sandblasting on the shear bond strength between zirconia and resin cement

Keywords: Zirconium, Laser therapy, Shear strength.


Aim: This study was conducted to determine the bond strength between zirconia ceramic and resin luting cement according to the type of surface treatment applied. Methods: Sixty zirconia cylinders measuring 4 x 4 mm were manufactured and distributed into five experimental groups and a control group (n = 10): G1 - sandblasting with 110 μm aluminum oxide; G2 - sandblasting with 30 μm Rocatec Soft®; G3 - Er:YAG laser irradiation at 400 mJ; G4 - Er:YAG laser combined with sandblasting with aluminum oxide; G5 - Er:YAG laser combined with sandblasting with Rocatec Soft®; G6 - no treatment (Control). The zirconia cylinders were bonded in the center of composite resin cylinders (6 mm diameter) using RelyX Ultimate® cement. Shear strength was measured after thermocycling (6000 cycles and 5-55° C). Data were analyzed using one-way ANOVA and Tukey's post-hoc with a 5% significance level. Results: Group 4 had a significantly higher shear strength than all the other groups, except Group 1. Group 3 had a significantly lower shear strength compared with Groups 1 and 4. Conclusion: Sandblasting with 110μm aluminum oxide particles after laser irradiation may be an effective zirconia surface treatment. The use of Er: YAG laser alone is not effective at increasing the bond between resin cement and zirconia.


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Author Biographies

Urias Silva Vasconcelos, Federal University of Piauí

Master in Dentistry, Graduate Program in Dentistry, Federal University of Piauí.

Thalisson Saymo de Oliveira Silva, University of São Paulo

PhD in Dentistry, Ribeirão Preto School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo.

Daylana Pacheco da Silva, State University of Campinas

PhD in Dental Clinic (Dentistry), Piracicaba School of Dentistry - State University of Campinas.

Graciela Maria Oliveira Sipaúba, Federal University of Piauí

Master student in Dentistry, Federal University of Piauí.

Valdimar da Silva Valente, Faculty Integral Differencial

Professor in Dental Prosthesis, Brazilian Association of Dentistry Piaui Section, Full Professor of Dentistry, Faculty Integral Differencial.

Raquel Virginia Zanetti, City of São Paulo University

Full Professor at the City of São Paulo University and Professor of the Professional Master's Degree at the São Leopoldo Mandic Dental Research Center.

Carmem Dolores Vilarinho Soares de Moura, Federal University of Piauí

PhD in Dental Sciences from the São Leopoldo Mandic School of Dentistry. Associate Professor at the Federal University of Piauí.


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