Call for thematic dossier “Mourning versions: discourse analysis and psychoanalysis”


In Mourning and Melancholia, by Sigmund Freud, the affection of mourning is regularly defined as the reaction to the loss of a loved person or to the loss of some kind of “abstraction” which has taken one’s place (such as fatherland, liberty, an ideal, and so on). Based on, against and beyond this foundational definition, mourning has turned into a crucial theme to different domains and perspectives, embracing and convoking reflections about the language, the history and the subject.

We invite researchers from the discourse analysis and psychoanalysis field to submit unpublished and original contributions to this thematic dossier. By promoting a compilation that encompasses texts from these two fields, we do not simply seek to add the contributions of each field to this debate around the thematic of mourning. Thus, it is not a question of juxtaposing a focus about the singular subjective experience of a loss over another on its effects in the political realm, as if they were two distant poles connected by the thread of language. The sayings of these two domains about mourning are not complementary: they produce tension and questions to each other.

In this dossier, theoretical discussions and analyses that contemplate at least one of the following thematic axes will be accepted:

  1. a) the versions of mourning proposed in Freud’s work and their unfolding in the Lacanian perspective;
  2. b) the relation between mourning and historical and political processes;
  3. c) the unequal distribution of public mourning, the necropolitics and the non-hegemonic narratives;
  4. d) the constitution, the formulation and the circulation of discourses of and about the mourning.

The received texts will be submitted to the journal’s editorial policy, including the double-blind review by peers and the accomplishment of mandatory formatting requirements. For further details, please, consult the “Submissions” icon on the journal’s website:

The article submission period is from January 1st to April 5, 2021, exclusively through the online submission system on:

The text should be written in one of the following languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Organization: Lauro Baldini, Thales de Medeiros Ribeiro and Elisa Mara do Nascimento

Deadline: April 5, 2021