O computador como instrumento e meio para o ensino/aprendizagem de línguas


  • Denise Bértoli Braga IEL/Unicamp
  • Lúcia Alves Costa


The use of computers in the language classroom is a new and promising reality that needs to be better investigated. The present discusses the impact of computer mediated communication aiming to highlight some of its advantages and its limits. Initially, the article reflects on a few general questions concerning the use of computers as the means and tool for language teaching and learning. Some of these issues will be illustrated in general lines by ongoing research conducted within the Department of Applied linguistics, UNICAMP. A more detailed discussion of major differences between the classroom situation and web-based contexts is also presented. This discussionmainly focuses on some of the characteristics that typify the learner's interaction with pedagogical materials in the classroom situation and in web-based teaching contexts.


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BRAGA, D. B.; COSTA, L. A. O computador como instrumento e meio para o ensino/aprendizagem de línguas. Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada, Campinas, SP, v. 36, 2012. Disponível em: https://periodicos.sbu.unicamp.br/ojs/index.php/tla/article/view/8639314. Acesso em: 30 jan. 2023.