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Revista indexada no PPEC e que faz parte da Rede Cariniana está no The Keepers Registry

The Keepers Registry acts as a global monitor on the archiving arrangements for electronic journals.

The Keepers Registry was developed by EDINA, the national data service centre at the University of Edinburgh, and the ISSN International Centre in Paris. It was first developed as outcome of the JISC-funded Piloting an E-journals Preservation Registry Service (PEPRS) project, and the beta service first launched in 2011. There is further background information on the PEPRS project website

The Keepers are the participating archiving agencies acting as stewards of digital content. There are currently twelve participating agencies. Each agency runs a programme for the archiving of e-journals and is making metadata on the journals in their programme available to The Keepers Registry.

The ISSN Register, which contains bibliographic metadata for all journals which have been assigned an ISSN, is at the heart of The Keepers Registry. The ISSN Register is used both as an authority source for ISSNs and to enrich the supplied records.

The Registry has three main purposes:

  • To enable librarians and policy makers to find out who is looking after which e-journal, how and with what terms of access.
  • To highlight the e-journals which are still “at risk of loss”.
  • To showcase the organisations (the keepers) which act as digital shelves for access over the long term.

View the Keepers Registry blog for recent news and announcements, read our selected Bibliography, and view our Development Roadmap. [ver mais]