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The logical character of number: reply to abel lasalle casanave


Number structure. Cardinality. Logic. Hume’s Principle. Dedekind. Frege. Plato

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CHATEAUBRIAND, Oswaldo. The logical character of number: reply to abel lasalle casanave. Manuscrito: Revista Internacional de Filosofia, Campinas, SP, v. 27, n. 1, p. 21–30, 2016. Disponível em: Acesso em: 13 abr. 2024.


In §1 I discuss Dedekind and Frege on the logical and structural analysis of natural numbers and present my view that the logical analysis of the notion of number involves a combination of their analyses. In §2 I answer some of the specific questions that Abel raises in connection with Chapter 9 of Logical Forms.


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