Communication and rationality


  • Georg Meggle Universität Leipzig Burgstr


Communicative actions, communicative understanding, rationality of belief, rationality of action, rationality of persons


Communication can mean many different things. As far as Communicative Action is concerned, here we distinguish between Communication Attempts, Successful Communicative Action (successful Communication Attempts) and Understood but Unsuccessful Communicative Action, as well as whether the respective actions already have a regular (conventional or even linguistic) meaning. What are the respective rationality presuppositions? This is resolved for all the above concepts of Communicative Action. As is the case for all actions, Communicative Actions also require us to differentiate between various rationality types: action rationality, the reasons behind an action, and situation-relative personal rationality.


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Biografia do Autor

Georg Meggle, Universität Leipzig Burgstr

Philosophisches Institut Universität Leipzig Burgstr LEIPZIG GERMANY


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