Weather Predicates, Unarticulation and Utterances


  • Richard Vallée Université de Moncton


Unarticulation. Pluri-propositionalism. Cognitive significance. Impersonal pronouns. Events. Impersonal predicates.


Perry contends that an utterance of (1) ‘It is raining’ must be assigned a location before being truth assessed. The location is famously argued to be an unarticulated constituent of the proposition an utterance of (1) expresses. My paper examines this view from a pluri-propositionalist perspective. The sentence (1) contains an impersonal pronoun, ‘it’ and the impersonal verb ‘to rain. I suggest that the utterance of (1) semantically determines ‘to rain’, which is an event, and that that event is instantiated at a time indicated by the tense at a location It is assumed that all event are located in space and time.


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Biografia do Autor

Richard Vallée, Université de Moncton

Université de Moncton, Campus de Shippagan Bibliothèque, Sciences et Tech.


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