Referential uses of arabic numerals



Algarismos arábicos, Referência, Epistemologia aritmética, Números


Is the debate over the existence of numbers unsolvable? Mario Gómez-Torrente presents a novel proposal to unclog the old discussion between the realist and the anti-realist about numbers. In this paper, the strategy is outlined, highlighting its results and showing how they determine the desiderata for a satisfactory theory of the reference of Arabic numerals, which should lead to a satisfactory explanation about numbers. It is argued here that the theory almost achieves its goals, yet it does not capture the relevant association between how a number can be split up and the morphological property of Arabic numerals to be positional. This property seems to play a substantial role in providing a complete theory of Arabic numerals and numbers.


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Biografia do Autor

Melissa Vivanco, Universidade de Miami

Departamento de Filosofia Miami, Universidade de Miami.


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