An intensional view of judgment in Kant’s Krv



Transcendental, Idealismo, Lógica, Sintético e analítico, Kant


This paper presents an elucidation of Kant’s notion of judgment, which clearly is a central challenge to the understanding of the Critic of Pure Reason, as well as of the Transcendental Idealism. In contrast to contemporary interpretation, but taking it as starting point, the following theses will be endorsed here: i) the synthesis of judgment expresses a conceptual relation understood as subordination in traditional Aristotelian logical scheme; ii) the logical form of judgment does not comprise intuitions (or singular representations); iii) the relation to intuition is not a judgment concern; iv) the response to the question about the ‘x’ that grounds the conceptual relation in judgments must be sought in transcendental aspects: 1) on construction in pure form of intuition, 2) in experience and 3) in the requirements to experience, respectively to mathematical, empirical, and philosophical judgments. The overall purpose is to build up an understanding of judgment that supports a latter assessment of Kant’s theoretical philosophy.


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Evandro C. Godoy, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia Sul-Rio-Grandense

Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia Sul-Rio-Grandense - IFSUL.


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