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Odontogenic cysts - A descriptive clinicopathological study


Oral pathology. Developmental cysts. Inflammatory cysts. Jaw cysts. Gorlin syndrome

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Monteiro L, de la Peña J, Fonseca L, Paiva A, Amaral B. Odontogenic cysts - A descriptive clinicopathological study. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2015 Nov. 17 [cited 2023 Dec. 5];4(12):670-5. Available from:


Odontogenic cysts are lesions that deserve every attention, mainly because of all complications they can cause. To study their characteristics, the authors did a retrospective clinicopathological analysis of 124 oral biopsies that were diagnosed as odontogenic cysts, in Hospital Geral de Santo António – Porto. Clinical variables such as age, sex, location, clinical diagnosis and histological diagnosis were studied. Inflammatory radicular cysts were the most commons (48.4%) followed by dentigerous cysts (21.0%), residual cysts (17.7%) and keratocysts (12.1%). The most frequent clinical manifestation was swelling (62.9%). Age appears to be related to the type of cyst, expressing the etiopathologic characteristics of each one. It is concluded that a definitive diagnosis is based on a triad of radiology, clinics and histology, which presupposes a tight cooperation between the clinician and the histopathologist.


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