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Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences

Current Issue

Vol. 23 (2024)
Published January 29, 2024

Scope: The Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences, published by the Piracicaba Dental School – UNICAMP, is an international non-profit open-access online journal. The primary goal of the Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences is to publish the outcomes of original investigations as well as invited reviews, case reports, short communications, and letters to the editor in the field of Dentistry and related disciplines. The Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences is committed in publishing the scientific and technologic advances achieved by the dental community, according to the quality indicators and peer reviewed material, with the objective of assuring its acceptability at the local, regional, national and international levels.
Qualis: B1
Knowledge Area: Health Sciences
Foundation: 2002
Short title: Braz. J. Oral. Sci.
e-ISSN: 1677-3225
Faculty: FOP
DOI Prefix: 10.20396
Licença Creative Commons

Original Research

Afaf A Almabadi
The effect of aging on the accuracy of marginal adaptation and fracture resistance of CAD/CAM PEEK single crown restoration
Ana Waleska Pessôa Barros de Aguiar, Luiz André Nadler Lins, Ana Luíza Fassizoli da Fonte, Raylane Farias de Albuquerque, Jair Carneiro Leão, Igor Henrique Morais Silva
3D radiotherapy in the parotid gland and its dosimetric relationship with salivary flow and quality of life in patients with head and neck cancer
Carolina Chaves Pinto , Leonardo André Lins da Silva, Cristiana Almeida de Assis Licurci, Antonio Canabarro
Effect of clinical and laboratory techniques of cementation on the assessment of marginal and internal fit of prosthetic elements

Critical Review

Sara Delgadillo Barrera, Lilia Jadith Bernal Cepeda, Jaime Eduardo Castellanos Parras
The importance of cyclooxigenase in dentistry: a narrative review

Clinical Cases

Bhárbara Mariano Barcellos, Andressa Goicochea Moreira, Isabela Toledo Teixeira da Silveira, Eduardo de Freitas Gomes, Cristina Braga Xavier, Otacílio Luiz Chagas Júnior
Orthognathic surgery in a patient with von Willebrand disease: case report
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