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Relationship between permanent upper anterior teeth and anthropometric facial measures in different populations


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Longhi MT de M, Silva RU de O, Almeida SCS, Esteves A, Rossi-Júnior WC, Figueiredo CHM da C, et al. Relationship between permanent upper anterior teeth and anthropometric facial measures in different populations: a narrative review. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2024 May 2 [cited 2024 Jun. 14];23(00):e248788. Available from:


Aim: The main purpose of this study was to conduct a narrative review investigating the possible relationship between permanent maxillary anterior teeth and anthropometric facial parameters in different populations. Methods: Searches were performed in the PubMed, BVS (Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde) and SciELO databases to identify relevant scientific articles using the following search terms: “maxillary anterior teeth”, “facial measurements” and “anthropometry”, in such a way that 218 publications were found. After application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, 13 publications remained for full-text reading. Results:  All studies involved male and female samples and it was notorious that male measurements were unanimously higher than those obtained in the opposite sex. The age of the analyzed participants ranged from 17 to 60 years; however, a mean age of 18 to 25 years was the most investigated in literature. In addition, facial measurements including the bizygomatic width, interpupillary distance, intercanthal distance, interalar width and intercommissural width have been proposed to help determine the correct size of anterior teeth. Conclusion: It was concluded that despite the limited number of studies, some factors that influence dental and facial dimensions, such as sex and age, can be identified. However, there is no standardization of the facial or dental parameters used in the studies, a fact that makes it difficult to establish a universal ratio for clinical dental practice.


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