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Combination of phototherapy for treatment of labial necrotizing lesion


Lip diseases
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Domingues EAR, Silva LL da C, Dourado MS, Argôlo CT de. Combination of phototherapy for treatment of labial necrotizing lesion: case report. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2024 May 2 [cited 2024 Jun. 16];23(00):e242214. Available from:


Lip necrotizing lesions are painful, complex to heal, and negatively impact the patient’s orofacial condition. The present study reports a clinical case of a necrotizing lesion on the lower lip in a 38-year-old male patient, previously healthy, f ive days after receiving the first dose of the SARS-COV-2 vaccine, with an initial diagnosis of labial herpes zoster, with secondary infection and unsatisfactory response to clinical treatment. After debridement of the necrotic tissue, followed by a combination of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT), photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) and hydrofiber dressing with silver, the patient evolved with complete healing of the lip lesion and satisfactory restoration of orofacial functions after 7 days. According to the present case report, this combination of phototherapy modalities suggests to be a promising tool for the treatment of necrotizing labial lesions.


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