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Smile analysis following orthognathic surgery


Interdisciplinary analysis

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Ferreira GR, Faverani LP, Oliveira GAG de, Fabris AL da S, Pastori CM, Silva Filho OG da. Smile analysis following orthognathic surgery. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2015 Nov. 29 [cited 2024 Mar. 3];9(1):54-8. Available from:


Aim: This study compared the different views between orthodontists and oral maxillofacial surgeons, as for smile analysis in patients subjected to orthognathic surgery. Methods: Thirty individuals who had undergone orthognathic surgery and had a minimum postoperative period of 6 months were selected. Posttreatment frontal smile photographs were obtained and examined. Smile features were recorded by 4 professionals (2 orthodontists and 2 surgeons) and the agreement between them was assessed. Results: The subjective analysis of smile as well as the observation of incisal and gingival exposure showed a statistically significant agreement percentage between the two groups. Nevertheless, no agreement was seen between the surgeons, while evaluating the buccal corridor and the parallelism between the incisal edge of antero-superior teeth and the lower lip. Significant agreement percentage (60%) was seen only between the orthodontists regarding the smile arch parallelism. Conclusions: Professionals must be alert as for facial analysis, mainly in terms of smile harmony, so that the orthognathic surgery will satisfactorily reestablish the facial esthetics in all the parameters outlined.

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