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Gingival peripheral odontoma in a child: case report of an uncommon lesion


Extraosseous odontoma
Gingival lesion

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Bernardes V de F, Cota LO de M, Costa F de O, Mesquita RA, Gomez RS, Aguiar MCF. Gingival peripheral odontoma in a child: case report of an uncommon lesion. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2016 Jan. 8 [cited 2023 Dec. 6];7(26):1624-6. Available from:


Odontoma in an extraosseous location represents a challenge for diagnosis. This article reports a case of peripheral odontoma and its clinical presentation, histological evaluation and treatment. A 12-year-old boy reported a firm asymptomatic gingival mass in the anterior maxilla with two years of evolution. The procedures for diagnosis included intraoral examination, excisional biopsy and histological analysis. The diagnosis was peripheral odontoma. The follow-up revealed no sign of recurrence. Peripheral odontoma is rare and the differential diagnosis with other gingival masses is rather difficult and must include inflammatory and reactive processes. The definitive diagnosis is based on microscopic features.

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