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A new method for extraction of mandibular first molars in rats


Tooth extraction. Mandibular molar. Wound healing. Rats

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Zecchin KG, Jorge R da S, Jorge J. A new method for extraction of mandibular first molars in rats. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2016 Jan. 21 [cited 2024 Apr. 19];6(21):1344-8. Available from:


The aim of the present study is to describe a new technique for the mandibular first molar extraction based on tooth section in rats. One hundred and forty Wistar rats, from three different researches underwent general anaesthesia. Each animal was then positioned on a specific board and hollemback 3ss was used to make the syndesmotomy. The mandibular first molars were extracted after tooth section with carbide ¼ drills in a high-speed hand piece under constant irrigation with sterile saline solution. The mesial portion of the first molar was removed with a modified curved mosquito forceps. The distal portion was removed and the socket was closed with 5-0 nylon thread sutures using non-traumatic needles. During the first week after tooth extraction, animals were fed with regular pressed food to avoid post-operatory trauma. This technique is careful and avoid unnecessary trauma, with minimal numbers of fractures (9.3%) and accidents such as haemorrhage (2%). All the reminiscent roots could be removed by the described method. Our technique proved to be an efficient model for future researches on alveolar wound healing with minimal fractures and accidents and provided better post-extraction outcomes for the rats.


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