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Sex estimation in brazilian sample: qualitative or quantitative methodology?


Forensic dentistry. Forensic anthropology. Sex characteristics. Skull.

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Ulbricht V, Schmidt CM, Groppo FC, Daruge Júnior E, Queluz D de P, Francesquini Júnior L. Sex estimation in brazilian sample: qualitative or quantitative methodology?. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2017 Dec. 15 [cited 2024 Apr. 15];16:1-9. Available from:


Aim: This study carried out cranial measurements (in mm) [Zygion-Zygion (Zy-Zy); Zygion-Glabella-right side (Zy-Ga-right); Zygion-Glabella-left side (Zy-Ga-left); Zygion-Glabella-mean (Zy-Ga-mean); Rhinion-Anterior Nasal Spine (Rhi-ANS); Nasal Width (Na Wid); Nasion-Anterior Nasal Spine (Na-ANS); Glabella-Anterior Nasal Spine (Ga-ANS); Glabella-Prosthion (Ga-Pr)], to verify whether they are dimorphic. Methods: We used skulls from the Eduardo Daruge Laboratory of Forensic Physical Anthropometry, which did not present growth abnormalities and belonged to the age range of 18 to 100 years. Linear measurements were performed by digital caliper, properly calibrated. Inter and intra-calibrator calibration was performed by obtaining as result the value of 0.98 (considered excellent). Results: We found that all measures carried out are dimorphic, and we were able to create a logistic regression model (logit: Sex = −33.6 + (0.15 × Zy-Zy) + (0.21 × Rhi-ANS) + (0.16 × Na-ANS)) to estimation the sex. Conclusions: We concluded that the developed quantitative method results in 85.2% sensitivity, 76.2% specificity, and 81.1% accuracy, being, therefore, more effective in the prediction of sex than the mere random hit.


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