Clinico-radiologic features of four cases of Ameloblastoma


  • KA Al-Salihi Al Muthanna University
  • Ihsan Abdullah Al Muthanna University
  • Ling Yoke Li Universiti Sains Malaysia



Radiograph. Universiti Sains Malaysia. Unicystic ameloblastoma. Jaws.


Ameloblastomas are jaw tumors that are locally aggressive with a high capacity for recurrence. It arises from the epithelium of the dental lamina. Radiograph remains the first and an essential investigation, despite the development of various cross-sectional imaging modalities. Aim: This article intends to describe the clinical findings and orthopantomograph (OPG) supported by computed tomography scan (CT scan) and MRI of four cases of ameloblastomas in the hospital University Sains Malaysia. Materials and methods: Data concerning the patients’ ages, sex, tumor locations, and surgical treatment history, as well as the radiographic findings, were analysed. Results: The patients’ ages ranged from 23 to 41 years (mean, 30.5 years). The gender of patients were two male (50%) and 2 (50%) females. Three cases (75%) of ameloblastomas located in the mandible and only one case found in the maxilla. The swelling was the most common symptom and experienced by all patients. Radiographically, two cases were unilocular with a well-demarcated border, and the remaining 2 cases were multilocular. Typical features of unicystic ameloblastoma appeared in case 1. This case previously presented with a lesion in the same area diagnosed as a dentigerous cyst. The other 3 cases showed variant types of ameloblastoma. These were Plexiform, Acanthomatous and Granular cell type; follicular and plexiform type; and follicular and plexiform type in case 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Conclusion: In conclusions, determination the location and density of jaws lesion and its margin relation to the tooth using radiological tool accompanied with clinical data, aids in the narrowing of the differential diagnosis and it is necessary for early diagnosis of ameloblastoma. A Long-term follow-up at regular intervals after surgery is recommended for all ameloblastomas cases.


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Author Biographies

KA Al-Salihi, Al Muthanna University

College of Veterinary Medicine/Al Muthanna University

Ihsan Abdullah, Al Muthanna University

College of dentistry /Al Muthanna University

Ling Yoke Li, Universiti Sains Malaysia

School of Dental Sciences/ Universiti Sains Malaysia


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