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Stressors, psychological well-being, and overall health amongst students from public and private dental schools


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Muniz FWMG, Oliveira MBL de, Barros ID, Oliveira PMC de, Rodrigues LKA, Carvalho R de S. Stressors, psychological well-being, and overall health amongst students from public and private dental schools. Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2018 Dec. 11 [cited 2024 Apr. 17];17:e181210. Available from:


Aim: This study aimed to correlate stressors with psychological well-being and health factors in dental students from public and private schools. Methods: From February to May 2015, three different instruments (Dental Environment Stress – DES – Psychological General Well-Being – PGWB – and SF-36 Health Survey) were applied to students from two public and two private dental schools from the State of Ceará, Brazil. Mann-Whitney test or t test for independent samples were used in order to compare the stressors between private and public dental schools students. Correlations to each DES domain were performed using Kendall’s Tau C test. Results: A total of 92 (45.32%) and 111 (56.68%) students from public and private schools, respectively, answered the questionnaire. Students from public schools demonstrated significantly higher scores in DES/academic performance and DES/personal and institutional factors (p<0.05). Significant negative correlations were detected between PGWB/anxiety and PGWB/general with all DES domains for both public and private schools (p<0.05). Additionally, DES/academic performance was significantly correlated with several SF-36 domains, such as physical function, vitality, and social functioning, to both public and private schools (p<0.05). However, DES/academic performance and SF-36/role physical was only significantly correlated in private school students (r=-0.171, p=0.039), while SF-36/bodily pain (r=-0.274, p<0.001), general health (r=-0.245, p=0.001), and mental health (r=-0.286, p<0.001) were significantly correlated with DES/academic performance only in public school students. Conclusion: Students from public and private dental schools presented different stressor patterns. Additionally, most of DES domains were significantly associated with PGWB and SF-36 to both public and private schools.


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