Marginal adaptation of provisional crowns made of acrylic and bisacrylic resins using different impression materials




Dental marginal adaptation, Dental restoration, temporary, Dental impression materials.


Aim: To evaluate the marginal adaptation of provisional crowns made of acrylic and bisacrylic resins using different impression materials. Methods: a metal die and a matrix applied through a direct technique were used to fabricate the specimens. The impression materials used as a matrix were divided into four groups: Irreversible hydrocolloid
(IH), laboratory silicone (LS), condensation silicone (CS), and addition silicone (AS). After the impression procedures, each matrix was loaded with the provisional prosthetic materials, Alike, Duralay, Protemp 4, and Structur 3 (n = 12). Marginal discrepancy was evaluated using a stereomicroscope at ×45 magnification. The images obtained were transferred to the Corel Draw X7 program, and the distances from the cervical margins of the specimen to the reference lines at the metal die were measured vertically. The data were analyzed by using 2-way ANOVA followed by the Tukey test (α=.05). Results: the acrylic resins had higher values ​​of marginal discrepancy compared to the bisacrylic resins. A statistically significant difference was found between all impression materials, and the irreversible hydrocolloid presented higher values of discrepancy (303.28–613.31 μm), whereas addition silicone had the lowest (48.61–190.06 μm). Conclusions: the bisacrylic resins had a better marginal adaptation compared to the acrylic resins. The addition silicone promoted a better marginal adaptation of the provisional prosthetic materials tested, followed by condensation silicone, laboratory silicone, and irreversible hydrocolloid.


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Author Biographies

Camilla Lopes Cerqueira, Federal University of Bahia

Department of Clinical Dentistry - Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Roniel Kappler, Federal University of Bahia

Department of Clinical Dentistry - Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Andrea Araújo Nobrega Cavalcanti, Federal University of Bahia

Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health and Federal University of Bahia, Department of Clinical Dentistry, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Emilena Maria Castor Xisto Lima, Federal University of Bahia

Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health and Federal University of Bahia, Department of Clinical Dentistry, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


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