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Patient care in the restorative clinic of a public dental school after COVID-19 lockdown


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Macedo KS de, Machado AC, Sobral MAP. Patient care in the restorative clinic of a public dental school after COVID-19 lockdown . Braz. J. Oral Sci. [Internet]. 2023 Aug. 14 [cited 2024 Feb. 24];22(00):e230467. Available from:

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Aim: This study, with the aim of checking some of the changes in patients’ daily habits and their reasons for needing restorative treatment was conducted at a public university immediately on return to attendance after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Methods: This survey consisted of interviews held by applying 2 questionnaires to students and patients. A single researcher collected data in all the restorative dentistry clinics at the university after the return to face-to-face activities in the period between 02/02/2021 and 07/30/2021. Data obtained by means of the questionnaires were submitted to descriptive analysis. Results: Ninety (90) participants answered the patient questionnaire. When considering possible associations between being in social isolation or not, significant values were found for changed type of diet (p=0.0011), frequency of eating (p=0.011) and toothbrushing (p=0.034). Data about 417 restorations were collected and among the reasons for restorative intervention, 33.03% were restoration replacement, 31.87% treatment of primary caries and 24.40% of dental wear/non-carious lesions. Conclusion: Patients who isolated themselves during the pandemic tended to change their eating habits and frequency of oral hygiene. Toothache was the main reason for seeking dental treatment and the replacement of pre-existing restorations was the main reason for restorative treatments.


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