Quasi-fideism and sceptical fideism



Keptical fideism, Scepticism, Epistemology, Religious belief, Quasi-fideism


My interest is in the relationship between the contemporary account of the epistemology of religious belief, known as quasi-fideism, and the sceptical fideism that has been so important, historically, in motivating fideistic ideas. I argue that we can profitably construe quasi-fideism along sceptical fideist lines, in that it is a proposal that is naturally understood as both arising within the context of a sceptical investigation and as exhibiting core features that it shares with Pyrrhonian scepticism. Moreover, I suggest that sceptical fideism, properly rendered, is inclined towards the kind of restricted fideism that is essential to quasi-fideism


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Biografia do Autor

Duncan Pritchard, University of California Irvine

PhD (Logic and Metaphysics) at University of St Andrews (UK). Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Knowledge, Technology & Society at the University of Irvine, California.


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