The logical bases of contradictory christology

comments on the contradictory christ, ch. 2



Conditional, Detachment, Contraposition


Beall has given more or less convincing arguments to the effect that neither classical logic, nor K3, nor LP, nor S3 can play the role he expects from logic: to be the basement theory for all true theories, including true theology. However, he has not considered all the pertinent competitors, and he has not given any reassurance that he has not gone too low in the hierarchy of logics to find his desired “universal closure of all true theories”. In this paper, I put forward those additional arguments to show the superiority of FDE with respect to logics that include a detachable conditional but that are very much like FDE otherwise. I also discuss the problem that theological consequence might not contrapose even if theological consequence is supposed to extend FDE consequence and the latter does contrapose.


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Biografia do Autor

Luis Estrada-González, Institute for Philosophical Research

PhD from the University of Tartu. Permanent Researcher at Institute for Philosophical Research, UNAM (Mexico).


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