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Embedded Commissioning©
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Embedded Commissioning. ECx. Information technology. Capital project delivery.

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AKIN, Omer. Embedded Commissioning©. PARC Pesquisa em Arquitetura e Construção, Campinas, SP, v. 2, n. 7, p. 2–11, 2011. DOI: 10.20396/parc.v2i7.8634579. Disponível em: Acesso em: 19 jun. 2024.


Embedded Commissioning (ECx) a new digital technology promises to transform capital project delivery (CPD) and its evaluation in the years to come. The primary strategy in ECx is to create an entirely new approach to building evaluation by merging building commissioning methods and information technologies into a new framework. The vision of such broad innovations must include not just new digital tools and techniques but also advances in AEC practices that utilize these innovations. We envision design and engineering practices that are in the service of sound economy, environmental conservation, improved value, greater efficiency, and satisfied occupants. CPD is no longer about competence in delivering just conventional services. Engineers and Architects have to rise to the challenges of our time and insure the best economy in providing the greatest value to stakeholders. Performance needs have to be optimized against first and lifecycle cost of designs. Value must be assessed not just for the bottom line but for other tangible (health, productivity) and intangible (comfort, happiness, recognition) stakeholders benefits. Last but not least, their products must meet the three pillars of the CPD market place: quality, cost, and  schedule.
PDF (English)

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