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ETD – Educação Temática Digital is reaching its 18a edition, searching, in each issue, to contribute with the shaping of our reader knowledge, with articles, short communications, reports and essays that discusses big matters of education, presented in thematic sections. This means that the contributions have an interdisciplinary coverage, as a way to maintain the initial proposal of being “A journal of the educator/researcher”, with only eight years of existence. This special edition with the main subject “Deaf Education”, is made up of 25 original papers written by specialized professionals in this area, in parallel with the works of the GES - the Deaf Education Research Group of the Faculty of Education of the Campinas State University. This group comprises three research subgroups that count on the participation of professionals of other renowned institutions, which study and do research about deafness...


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Biografia do Autor

Gildenir Carolino Santos, Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Bacharel em Biblioteconomia pela PUC-Campinas; Mestre e Doutor pela Faculdade de Educação/UNICAMP; Diretor da Biblioteca Joel Martins-Faculdade de Educação/UNICAMP; Editor Científico da revista RDBCI.

Rosemary Passos, Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Bibliotecária da Faculdade de Educação da UNICAMP; Mestre em Ciência da Informação pela PUCCAMP e Doutora em Educação ela UNICAMP.


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Santos, G. C., & Passos, R. (2008). Editorial: English. ETD - Educação Temática Digital, 7(2), 6–10. https://doi.org/10.20396/etd.v7i2.783

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